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Scone mixes fit for a queen!

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Afternoon tea is now as simple as mix and bake with gluten-free scone mixes sweet and savoury options.

Making scones is now as simple as mix and bake. Pepper & Me scone mixes are gluten free perfection available in Tomato and Jalapeno (cheeese!) and delectable Date and Orange.

A must have for your pantry, you can whip up fluffy scones bursting with flavour in just 25 minutes.

Pepper & Me Tomato & Jalapeno Scone Mix

Wait, what? Gluten free scones?

Yes! These scones mixes are the absolute bees knees. You wouldn't even know they're gluten free with each tasty bite.

Pepper & Me is all about delicious food that is easy for everybody. All of their pastes, salt blends, scone mixes, Mother Dukkah and a majority of their famous rubs have now been tested and confirmed gluten free and suitable for celiacs. These products are also vegan, palm oil free and MSG free. Some of their products do contain gluten - check their allergen list if gluten free is your jam.

Pepper and Me date and orange scone mix

Want sweet?

Pepper & Me Date and Orange Scone Mix has the sweetness of dates and a pop of zing from orange granules. Try baking them with coconut yoghurt to make them dairy free as well!

Top or spread with your favourites like butter, cream, honey, fresh fruits or jam and serve along with a cuppa for a beautiful gluten-free morning tea.

Pepper & Me date and orange gluten free scones

Want savoury?

Pepper & Me have brought the classic cheese scone to life with a Tomato and Jalapeno Scone Mix that packs a punch! A savoury treat for your next afternoon tea with the spicy flavours of their crowd-pleasing Man Rub & Jalapeno brought up to the next level with a tang of tomato.

Make your Tomato and Jalapeno scones complete with a stick of butter melting on top, or serve for breakfast with sides like tomato, bacon, avocado and eggs.

Pepper & Me tomato and jalapeno gluten free scone mix

The Pepper & Me story

Pepper & Me is more than a food business, it's an institution - based right here in Tauranga! Cherie Metcalfe has used ten years of chef's knowledge combined with worldwide travel and a passion for eating amazing food to create a comprehensive range of spice pastes, seasoning blends, spiced salts and accessories.

Now a Tauranga local, Cherie was born in Taupo and grew up in Rotorua. Her first job was in hospitality waitressing at a restaurant called 'Herbs Place' where she eventually managed to weasel her way into the kitchen.

What followed was over a decade of building a career as a chef across the world, working as a liveaboard chef on super yachts visiting places like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, England, Portugal, Spain and the Mediterranean before settling into a good old Monday to Friday job in Auckland catering.

When her daughter Pepper was born, Cherie moved to Tauranga and the seeds of Pepper & Me were sown. A new mum passionate about breastfeeding, Cherie saw many mums struggling with it and she knew spices can help. The first Pepper & Me range was created and has grown ever since to a huge range of delicious products and kitchen accessories - she even has a couple of cookbooks under her belt!

Cherie Metcalfe, founder of Pepper & Me with her cookbook Keepers

The Pepper & Me passion is to teach people how easy it can be to turn simple cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables into impressive culinary delights, all whilst wrangling children and long days at work. They share recipe ideas and videos across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, while loyal foodies join the Pepper & Me Club to access a huge library of recipes curated to showcase the Pepper & Me range.

Dips, salts, rubs, sprinkles, seasonings, sauces and baking mixes - the Pepper & Me range has everything a busy home cook needs to create outstanding meals.

Pepper & Me dips, salts, rubs, sprinkles, seasonings, sauces and baking mixes

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