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Indulgent, loaded nut butters putting a twist on classic flavours

Indulgent, decadent and totally luxe - Butter Luxe put a lavish twist on classic desserts with their range of loaded almond and peanut butters batch roasted and loaded up to order right here in Aotearoa.

Each bountiful jar contains the perfect blend of flavours to level up your breakfast or dip into as an evening treat. Slather Butter Luxe on toast or pancakes, blend it into smoothies, bake it into cookies or pastries - or just eat it straight out of the jar!

Butter Luxe Crunchie Bar, Banoffee Pie and Twix loaded peanut butters

Nut butter extraordinaire and Butter Luxe owner Allie has the enviable task of experimenting with new flavours, trying different combinations to create reimagined nut butter versions of classic desserts, candy bars and baking tin favourites to create the ever-evolving Butter Luxe range.

Check out some of the amazing flavours! Choc Chippee features Butter Luxe honey roasted peanut butter swirled with chocolate sauce, topped with chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie chunks and sea salt. Raspberry Slice is a Butter Luxe twist on a Kiwi classic, with lashings of raspberry sauce and a topping of smooth vanilla frosting and shortbread cookie pieces. Who needs a PBJ when you can have this!

Butter Luxe ChocChippee and Raspberry Slice loaded peanut butters

Butter Luxe Cotton Candy is what dreams are made of - silky peanut butter with swirls of strawberry marshmallow cream and topped with confetti and puffed marshmallow. Twix gives you your chocolate bar fix in the form of decadent almond butter loaded with caramel sauce, chocolate chips, jersey caramels and biscuit pieces.

Butter Luxe Cotton Candy loaded peanut butter and Twix loaded almond butter

Ginger Slice is sweet, slightly spicy and totally delicious with Butter Luxe peanut butter swirled wtih ginger caramel sauce and topped with chewy oat biscuits, caramelised white chocolate and crystallised ginger chunks, while S'mores evokes the campfire classic with chocolate peanut butter on a saucy chocolate base with mallow cream and graham cracker cookie pieces.

Butter Luxe Ginger Slice and S'mores loaded peanut butter

New Zealand's favourite honeycomb candy is levelled up with Crunchie Bar loaded honey roasted peanut butter with swirls of honeycomb sauce topped with chocolate chips, Whittakers hokey pokey chocolate, sprinkles and of course, a chunk of Crunchie Bar.

We all know banana and caramel are a wickedly good combo, so Banoffee blends delicious mallow cream, banana caramel sauce and signature Butter Luxe peanut butter topped with crunchy biscuit and banana pieces.

There's even more in the range with new flavours springing up all the time, so it's well worth following Butter Luxe on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok to see the latest nut-buttery goodness.

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