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Award-winning old fashioned nut brittle candy

Kimbella's Candy seamlessly blend American nostalgia and Kiwi quality to create their famous award-winning brittle - delicious, crisp, buttery candy embedded with nuts. These old-world candy recipes have been refined and perfected using sweet, creamy, rich New Zealand butter and the finest imported nuts and vanilla.

Kimbellas Candy almond and cashew brittle

Explore options in peanut, cashew, almond and macadamia brittle as well as classic American Buttercrunch.

These sweet and salty treats have been racking in the accolades from the Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards, with nine under their belt including multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. A real testament to the Kimbella's Candy unwavering commitment to excellence!

Kimbellas Candy peanut brittle, cashew brittle and almond brittle

Kimbella's Candy pride themselves on the high quality of their confectionery, which they ensure by hand-making each small masterbatch 'boutique' style. This small batch production ensures that each sweet packet you purchase will have a delicious uniformity of taste with subtle flavour undertones unique to the masterbatch it came from.

Kimbellas Candy New Zealand

The story of Kimbella’s Candy is a bittersweet one. Originally from California, Kimberly came to New Zealand following love and is now proudly married to a Kiwi, Paul, and calls Christchurch home. She's always enjoyed food and cooking but chose not to pursue it as a career just in case it took all the fun away.

"I was always curious and adventurous in the kitchen. I told my mom that I might try making candy one day so she bought me a glass thermometer," says Kimberly. The sudden passing of Kimberly’s mum in 2017 meant an abrupt end to the 'taste of home' care packages, and Kimberly remembered the thermometer in its neglected spot in the back of the cutlery drawer. She rolled up her sleeves and started making one of her favourite childhood treats: old-fashioned nut brittle candy.

Kimberly Bell Kimbella's Candy

It took Kimberly nine months to nail the optimal salty-sweet ratio. “I was making a couple of batches a week. The unfortunate / fortunate part is that when you make candy, you can’t just make a little bit.” Paul was a valiant and appreciative taste-tester, but there’s only so much brittle one man can manage. Friends and neighbours were willing to step into the treat-scoffing breach, though, and their exuberant feedback prompted Kimberly to turn a personal brittle quest into a small business: Kimbella’s Candy - “Kimbella” being the nickname her mother gave her.

Kimberly is proud to share a little of her American heritage, a confection so popular in the United States that there's even a National Peanut Brittle Day! Made using Kiwi ingenuity, delicious New Zealand butter and an eye for consistent quality, she now brings these treats to lucky Kiwis.

Kimbella's Old Fashioned Candy brittle

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