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Citrus garnishes for beverages, baking and more

F N Lemons

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Spruce up drinks and sweet treats with tart, beautiful dehydrated slivers of citrus.

Take your garnish game to the next level with zingy dehydrated slices of lemons, limes and oranges that add a zesty pop of colour and taste.

F N Lemons dehydrated lime slices

Take your beverage or sweet treat to new heights

F N Lemons citrus slices are for the home connoisseur, mixologist, chef and baker and can be used to garnish your favourite cocktail, mocktail, tea, cake, cupcake, dessert ... any treat can be elevated with these vibrant wheels of goodness!

Not that we ever truly grow out of coloured sprinkles, but citrus slices are a garnish glow-up for adults - sophisticated and beautiful while still being fun.

Lime cake by Alanas Sugar Shack with F N Lemons
Lime cake by Alanas Sugar Shack

Sour on waste

Once upon a time, a girl was looking for cocktail garnishes for her party, but nowhere could they be found locally or on the internet.

In a beautiful moment of serendipity, a conversation about experimenting with dehydrating came to mind. The family had been discussing how to preserve the plentiful harvest of their beautiful flowers and citrus. Premium produce was falling to the ground and not being used so reduce the amount of citrus going to waste, they started dehydrating.

The citrus garnishes were a hit and expanded to include not just lemons, but limes and oranges as well.

Tea garnished with F N Lemons dehydrated lemon slices

Made in New Zealand in an environmentally-friendly way

F N Lemons garnishes are lovingly created and dried in small batches on the family property in New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Mindful of the environment, they minimise impact where they can. Their garnishes are packaged in recyclable glass jars or pouches and delivered in recyclable mailers or cardboard boxes. They encourage you to reuse the jar once you've finished its contents or return the jar to F N Lemons HQ in New Plymouth.

F N Lemons jar of dehydrated lemon slices

A (very) brief history lesson

Drying fruit is a technique that removes most of its water content, helping to preserve it past its normal lifespan. The high sugar and acid content of fruits means it can safely be dried without the risk of spoilage.

Sun-drying food has been a time-honoured tradition for centuries in cultures all around the world as a method of preservation. The earliest recorded mention of dried fruits can be found in tablets from the Mesopotamia region dating back to about 1500BC (in what are probably the oldest known recipes). These early civilisations used dried dates and raisins as sweeteners and included dried fruit in their breads.

Today, we don't need to rely on the sun to dehydrate our food as modern food dehydrators let us control temperature, humidity and air current at the flick of a switch.

Beverages garnished with F N Lemons dried citrus slices

Sweeten your day

With the success of their dehydrated citrus, F N Lemons took their garnishes to new heights. They now also create decorative blends of tasty rim dusts and beautifully coloured, chemical free edible flowers.

Rimming your cocktail glass is about more than just good looks - that ring provides texture, colour and a burst of contrasting flavour. F N Lemons have a creative range including raspberry sugar, passionfruit sherbet, chilli lime salt and gorgeous cocktail rim pottery that is bespoke designed in New Zealand.

F N Lemons cocktail rim raspberry sugar

Colour your day

Their edible dried florets are created from flowers lovingly grown on the family property in New Plymouth - with no nasties! Whether you use the pink geranium Loved Up, purple cornflower Solar Blast or vibrant orange geranium Summer Bloom, any creation can be elevated to Insta-worthy levels with a scattering of vibrant floral colour.

Brown butter and cinnamon poached pear cake filled with rhubarb compote, decorated with F N Lemons edible florets
Cake by Abbey Macfie - brown butter and cinnamon poached pear filled with rhubarb compote and Honey Bear Breakfast granola

There's not a single dish that won't benefit from a final touch of garnish. F N Lemons also offer zingy citrus powder that can be added to desserts, baking, sauces, marinades, salad dressings and more; perfect for when fruit isn't in season but your recipe calls for zest! And try their mulled wine kit to warm you up and melt away any winter blues - just add wine!

Check out the F N Lemons Facebook and Instagram pages for more inspiration on how their products can be used to elevate your food (and decor!) and of course visit their stand at the Tauranga Food Show.

F N Lemons dehydrated orange slice used in wrapping

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