Pickled Onions

from Nana Dunn + Co

Sweet and crunchy pickled onions! Crafted from a family recipe dating back to 1935 and hand bottled here in the Bay of Plenty.

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Who doesn't love pickled onions with a chunk of cheese or slipped into a sandwich, salad or burger? They store for ages in the fridge so they're always on hand to lend their oniony tang to your dishes.

Nana Dunn + Co traditional recipe

Made the good old fashioned way, Nana Dunn + Co's Pickled Onion recipe dates back to 1935.

It was used for many years by Nana Dunn (or Great Aunty Melba), who would distribute her bottled wares to lucky friends and family members.

Nana Dunn, the special lady behind the iconic Nana Dunn + Co Pickled Onion recipe
Nana Dunn, the special lady behind the iconic Nana Dunn + Co Pickled Onion recipe

Nana Dunn + Co was created by cousins Laura  and Heidi who work to keep the Pickled Onion magic alive, preserving their family history while creating an artisan food empire.

The secret to pickled onion success

Now in her 90s, Nana Dunn passed her secret recipe on to granddaughter Laura in 2019. Laura teamed up with Heidi (Nana Dunn is her Great Aunty Melba) and Heidi's husband Scott, the previous owners of OBR Restaurant. They started with 10 kilos of onions and built a cult following that developed into Nana Dunn + Co.

In 2021 they peeled and bottled 1790 kilos of onions (that's a lot of onion tears!) and this year is proving to be even busier.

Nana Dunn + Co Pickled Onions
Nana Dunn + Co Pickled Onions

Sweet and crunchy onion treasures

These flavoursome bites are hand bottled in Mount Maunganui from 100% New Zealand grown brown onions in a reduced malt vinegar and sugar brine.

Nana Dunn + Co Pickled Onions are available in 300 gram, 700 gram or 1000 gram jars for those real pickled onion fans. Their range also includes a selection of relishes and chutneys.

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